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Paulo Alexandre Silva

Paulo is an extremely talented martial artist whose passion in life is competing, practicing and teaching BJJ.

While living in Portugal in 2006, Paulo was at his local gym and came across a BJJ class going on. He was intrigued by the class and decided to give it a try. After the first class, Paulo fell in love with the sport and knew he would train for the rest of his life. 

After a few months of training, Paulo entered into his first competition. Though he lost the match, he says, ''It made me realize how much I love it and how hard and smart I have to train if I want to compete and be successful in winning.'' My long term goals are training, teaching and helping people succeed in BJJ."

Since then, Paulo has competed in many competitions such as:
NAGA New England 2008- 1st place
World Championship 2008- 3rd place
NAGA East Coast 2008-1st Place
Grapplers Quest-UFC Fan Expo Boston- 3rd Place
NAGA Northeast 2010- 1st place
 Abu Dhabi World Cup Pro Trials, NJ- 3rd Place
Abu Dhabi World Cup Pro Trials,Canada- 2nd place
Mass BJJF New England Champ.-1st Place
IBJJF Boston International Open 2012- 2nd Place

If you would like to try one of Paulo's classes for free, please contact the dojo directly.
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