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Parent Testimonials

The testimonials below have been gathered from letters, e-mails and various social media platforms.  All of the instructors and staff here at Sarah's School of Martial Arts & SSOMA fitness would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to share their experiences and kind words. Thank you.

- C.N. , Lexington, MA

“ My son has been attending the Beginner class here for almost four months. I find that the classes are very well structured, with fun games in between lessons. There is a lot of stretching running, jumping, climbing, balance, and etc. Master Sarah and the other instructors are great with the kids. At the end of each class the teacher sits with the students to discuss the monthly theme. Each student gets a turn to think about it and contribute to the discussion. The themes have been great so far-- showing respect, overcoming fears, figuring out what makes you happy... it's perfect for little kids to think about and a good reminder for us adults/parents too.
The dojo is well lit and there's a little audience area on the side. There's also a little room with toys for younger siblings. The beginner classes that we've been attending have not been too crowded-- everyone gets plenty of individual attention. Commitment is on a monthly basis, which is great for us.
My son is really enjoying his first experience with martial arts. It's taught him how to listen to direction, pay attention, work as a team with the other kids, develop his balance/physical skills/reflexes-- all great things. I'd definitely recommend.”

- H.A. , Arlington, MA.

" Hi Sarah,
Just wanted to let you know that last week we started taking an extra class to make-up for classes that we will miss for a two week vacation end of June/beginning of July.  So that is why you are seeing her more!    She is having so much fun.  You and your staff are so great with the kids.  I recommend your dojo to anyone who asks! 

- T.J., Arlington, MA.


" Thanks so much, your email was amazing.
We are very happy there, and I want to keep it a good experience.
You are a great teacher. My kids have learned so much, especially my daughter from being at the dojo. "


-A.M. , 

“ I really love the philosophy of your dojo.”


" Amazing martial art school and great staff that works there!!!!! such a great place to bring your kids they will love it! well recommended."

 -E.Wilson, Arlington, MA.


"We LOVE your studio and I have been recommending it to others ..."

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