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Shotokan Class Descriptions

Below is a brief description of how each Shotokan class is run and what is expected of the students. The ages range from 5 to 18 


In this forty five minute class we teach the basics of Shotokan karate, including kicks, strikes, blocks, and the first kata, (Heian Shodan). White belts take this class and advance to the next level after their 3rd stripe on their belt.  Monthly themes are implemented into this class to show the importance of being respectful, treating others equally, sharing and much more. We also play games in this class as well!


This forty five minute class consists of orange, gold and green belts. Another kata, Heian Sundan, is also incorporated in here as well as tougher kicks, punches, blocks and strikes.  Since this is an intermediate level class, more is expected from the children such as better listening, harder work ethic, and respecting others. We also review different methods to stand up to a bully in a safe way. Fun games are played in this class as a reward for good behavior and hard work.


This forty five minute class is guided towards our blue, purple, brown and red belts. Much more is expected from this class, behavior and technique wise, than the intermediate and beginner levels. This class involves katas, basics, weapons, and sparring. Students also learn how to defend themselves against guns, clubs and knives. Age appropriate games are rewarded for this class as well.

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