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We love to share our space with the community. Whether your a student, clubmember or not, we offer the following services and opportunities to the general public:

Birthday Parties


Relax while we provide :

  • Large Space

  • Games

  • Entertainment

  • Flat Rate-Invite as many people as you like. 

Examples of past events hosted here by others in the community:


  • Family Dance   

  • Children's Holiday Parties

  • Drum Cirlces

  • Community Kirtan 

  • Charity Events

  • Storytellers

  • Yoga class

  • Pilates with Ball

  • Hula hooping meet up

  • Womens book club meet up


( If you have an event you'd like to host here contact our office via phone or

e-mail for scheduling. Events must be scheduled around school classes and program times. )

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